Event Inspiration with Blik

August 20, 2008

Wall Decals have been around for a while, but I’m really loving these new designs from Blik. My favorite are these chair decals. How fun would it be to use as decoration for the bride and groom’s chairs? 

It would be especially cool to use the decals on a ghost chair.


The chair decals come in 6 different designs and a rainbow of colors. 

If you’re venue doesn’t have chandeliers, and they’re not in the budget to rent for your wedding, this decal of a graphic chandelier would be a fun alternative. It could be used over the cake table, somewhere behind the bride and groom, or in a lounge area.

Also, Blik can make custom word decals like this:

How cool would it be to have a part of the ceremony’s wording written on a wall and used as decor? 

Blik can even makes decals for you car.

Using something like this for the couple’s getaway car would be a great photo op. You could even get a custom decal made  that says “Just Married” and put it in the back window.

Blik decals adhere to an clean, smooth surface and are a snap to add some graphic punch to any space. The best part though is how affordable they are; what’s not to love?




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