I thought I’d end the week with some truly delicious eye candy. I love antique engagement rings, the craftsmanship, the plethora of designs. These rings are truly portable works of art. I am biased to art deco rings, my wedding ring is vintage deco. But, I think we can all agree that these art deco engagement rings from Fay Cullen are to die for.

Art deco rings typically combine diamonds in a platinum setting with either sapphires or emeralds.

These rings are fragile, however. They need to be cleaned by an expert, particularly when there are emerlads in the setting since those stones are prone to chipping and cracking. The upside is that you’ll never see somebody with your ring, like you would with a soltaire diamond setting. They are truly one of a kind!



I bought my wedding ring from Faye Cullen! They’re a dream… I love it 🙂