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Bridal Style: An Adorable Scalloped Neckline

I love a wedding dress with a unique neckline, and this dress designed by Melissa Blackburn, in collaboration with MacKenzie, the bride, has seriously the most gorgeous scalloped neckline detail. Paired with a full skirt and the most amazing Kate Spade shoes, this bridal style is one I’m most certainly for!

MacKenzie says, “I was inspired by natural beauty and colors. I wanted my wedding to be timeless and I also did not want to take away from the natural beauty and style of the St. Regis Hotel in Park City where I had my cocktail party, dinner, and dancing. I wanted my look to only be enhanced by makeup. I wore soft pink colors and I had a dewy look. I wanted to feel feminine and elegant.” Thank you so much for sharing your adorable style MacKenzie and Leo Patrone for the absolutely stunning photos.