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Spotlight: Lilly & Louise

I’m a big fan of pretty paper goods, and local Santa Barbara invitation designer Leslie Lewis Sigler of Lilly & Louise does just that. About a month ago Kirsten of Beaux Arts and I did a little styling session with Leslie’s paper good for her new website. It was a fun day and I loved all the pretty paper goodies we captured.

Leslie does completely custom work and she’s also a fine art artist so mixing media, colors and textures is right up her alley (she was the genius behind my own blog re-design). Here’s a very classic and elegant invitation which I styled with a black tie, vintage perfume bottle and a string of pearls.

I love the playful calligraphy of this suite, and the notched flag detail? Adorable!

From programs with a sewn edge, to buttons with guest names, to fortune tellers, Leslie designs paper items way beyond your standard invitation.

Here she designed welcome bags to match the invitations. Seriously, have band-aids ever looked so cute?

Of course, if something more mod, and slightly Mad Men in flavor, is more your speed, this suite she created for a 70s birthday bash is pure mid-century awesomeness. I styled the invites with some matchbooks from the period (I found a bunch in Los Alamos). Anyway, you can see more of Leslie’s paper goodness here, her fine art here (she painted my favorite silver piece in my collection right here) and if you’re looking for logo design, she does that too, right here. And you can take a tour of Leslie’s adorable home over on Design*Sponge!

Hand-lettered Calligraphy with Laura Hooper

Thank you so much Kelly for giving me my first ever guest blogging opportunity during your couture paper goods series.  I’m Laura Hooper of Laura Hooper Calligraphy and I spend most of my days hand-lettering envelopes from clients around the world as well as creating other pieces of art using calligraphy.

When it comes time to place your invitation order that is when you should consider booking a calligrapher if you choose to use one.  If you have the money in your budget I recommend choosing someone who is a professional calligrapher, because you are more likely to appreciate the end product.  Thanks to the Internet, you don’t have to be restricted to finding someone in your area, especially if there happens to be a shortage of calligraphers where you live.

The type of calligraphy I practice is called “pointed-pen” calligraphy. It is one of the most time-consuming ways of lettering and can be the messiest if you are not careful! This form of writing involves dipping a calligraphy pen numerous times in an ink well in order to form each word. It can be quite difficult to develop an affinity to how to hold your pen and how much pressure to apply. Every person is different and there are hundreds of different pen tips available for that reason.

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Invitation Design with .cevd. {custom invitation studio}

Hi, I’m Christine and I’m an invitation designer from .cevd. {custom invitation studio}. First off, I would like to thank Kelly for inviting me to contribute to her blog.  It is so much fun for me to be a part of this series as I kinda live for paper products and I am hoping to show you a bit of what goes on during the design process.

My work is a bit different than some other invitation studios around, so my process is in turn a bit different as well.  I work on a strictly custom basis, which allows for absolute control and creative freedom for the client. I am just there to get their ideas out on to paper. And it typically starts like this:

The number one most important thing to know going into the design process is your budget.  Once you have that figured out, everything will be so much easier. As Becky said in the previous post, there is a significant cost in the set-up of letterpress printing, and this is the same with flat printing and engraving alike, though with flat printing the overall cost isn’t as high. It is good to know this going in so you might be able to weigh your priorities money and design wise. It isn’t a fun conversation to have, but it is always the first one I have with my clients.

After the business side of things has been hashed out, I like to proceed to colors. This is one of my favorite parts as I get to pull out all of my paper samples. I might actually have gone into this business just for the little rectangles of colorful paper; I can’t get enough of them.

After paper comes ink color, and the possibilities are endless. I recently had a client come to me with an old envelope addressed to her grandmother in a dark brown ink that she wanted to use for her invites.  It took us about 10 minutes to decide between about 5 browns that were so close to one and other I kept getting them mixed up. Her invites are currently being printed and I am so excited to see them.

Now comes the absolute most fun part of my job. Sitting down and grinding out all of the details of my clients’ lives. I grill them about everything they do and love, and then i ask them the theme of their event. It always helps to know where they are coming from before I start brainstorming graphic elements. Then, along with the clients, I go through numerous samples and revisions until everything is just right.  During this process my walls are plastered with quick print outs, so I can be absolutely sure of scale and balance.

Finally, the joy of the final approval and the sending off to print. I am typically giddy at this point as I can hardly wait to see everything. It takes about 3-5 weeks for me to get letterpress and engraved invites back, and that timing is cut a bit shorter with flat printing. During this time, I hang the final proofs together so I can keep track of what is out of my office.

After I have looked over every piece of paper that is included in the invite, I package them up and send them out. It is so wonderful to be a part of a complete process and have a gorgeous finished product in my hands in the end.

Good luck with your invitations; it can be one of the most fun parts of the planning process, so enjoy it. I always hear brides say that seeing their actual invitations all of a sudden makes their wedding real. It is the first of a long list of exciting things that take place during the planning of your wedding and you should love them all!

Couture Paper Goods Week

This week I’m having a series of guest bloggers write about one of my favorite things– couture paper goods! From papermaking, to letterpress, to invitation design, I’ve got a guest blogger on each topic… just who you ask? You’ll just have to wait and see!

[image via Sugar Plum Invitations]