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Inspiration Board: Saturated Mustards & Reds

Hot colors + hot illustrations = hot. Loving the 70’s vibes of these hues…

Via, from upper left, clockwise: Faraday Bikes, Red Cheeks Factory, Julia Rothman, Designlovefest

Color Palette: Spring Pastels

I love the soft romantic colors of spring, soft pinks, purples in yellows… Above yellow takes centerstage and adds a pop of brightness.

Sage green is another lovely color on which to play aganist. For a wedding I could see using a sage velvet, milk glass containers and spring blooms like clematis, lavender, and ranunuclus.

Of course soft pink is a classic base color. You could drape your table in a soft pink and overlay a couple of layers of pink tulle for a slighty ballet-ish feel. Add in some muted white and peach flowers with a hint of yellow, and you’d have one pretty table. Would you use pastels for your wedding or home?

Photos: 1. Right: Unknown Left: Lilietne 2. Right: via The Alternative Bride Left: via Naughty Shorts 3. Right: Lynette Wills via Behind Ballet Left: Jeremy Harwell via 100 Layer Cake

Inspiration Board #21: French Countryside

The inspiration for this board came from the farm sink filled with lilacs by Miki Duisterhof. I just love the idea of pairing the purple lilacs with touches of orange to really make the colors pop. I picture this wedding taking place in the French countryside, with oodles of delicious bread, and the rustic, but elegant countryside to serve as the backdrop for the reception.

purple orange wedding

Description: purple lilacs, kumquats, oranges, french countryside

Images from left to right, top to bottom: {Row 1} 1. Brian Doben 2. Miki Duisterhof 3. Meg Perotti {Row 2} 1. via This is Glamorous 2. Cooper Carras 3. Adrienne Page 4. Polly Wreford {Row 3}  1. & 2. Miki Duisterhof 3. Karen Wise 4. Cooke Studio

Inspiration Board #11: Orange, Yellow & Blue Spring Wedding

Its been raining a lot in Santa Barbara and it makes me yearn for spring. I picture this wedding being relaxed and casual with games for the kids and ice cream for everyone.

Description: blue, orange, aqua, springtime, relaxed elegance

Images from left to right: {Row 1} 1. Wendell T. Weber 2. Jose Villa 3. Stylist Kate French 4. Elizabeth Messina {Row 2} 1. & 2. Hector Sanchez 3. Kate Mathis {Row 3} 1. One Love Photo 2. Frances Janisch 3. Elizabeth Messina

Inspiration Boards with Snippet & Ink

I’m super excited to introduce our first inspirational guest blogger for the week, Kathryn from Snippet & Ink:

I’m so flattered that Kelly has invited me to share a little about my process for creating inspiration boards. The truth is, some days I feel very inspired, and I can see exactly what I want my inspiration board to look like, and all of the elements just fall into place. But other days – most days – finding that starting point can be tricky. The starting point can be anything: a season, a venue, a bouquet. It can even be something less obvious, like a children’s book or wallpaper pattern. I even have a file labeled “Inspiration” where I save images that really stand out to me, like this:

or this

Generally, the images that I save to my Inspiration file are images that make me think of a color palette or a venue – those things that weren’t coming so easily before. Sometimes, even when I get going on an inspiration board, it won’t come together exactly the way I want it to, and I’ll put it aside for a day or two, or scrap it altogether. But usually, once I have that initial image, I can create something I’m happy with.

I get questions from readers about how they can go about creating their own inspiration boards, so here is what I usually tell them:

Unless you’re already comfortable with Photoshop, or feel like taking the time to learn it, there are other, easier ways to pull images together. Polyvore is one method, or Mosaic Maker is another. An actual bulletin board is a great way to include not only tearsheets, but also fabric and paper samples, ticket stubs, and other ephemera. Once you’ve decided on your medium, here are some things to consider, that should help you pull your inspiration board together:

– What season is it? What colors, flowers, foods make sense in that season?
– What is the mood of the event? Is it formal, casual, or something in between? Is it grand or intimate? Sophisticated? Playful?
– What is the venue? Inside or outdoors? How can I play up regional or local elements? Does the architecture or scenery inspire me?
– What single element can tie everything together? Is it a theme? A certain flower or fruit? Color or pattern?
– How can I stretch this idea? What is unexpected but fits perfectly with all the other elements?

Don’t let specific colors or themes limit you – an inspiration board should help you figure out what kinds of things you like, what kind of look you’re going for, but you should not feel limited by colors you’ve chosen or a theme you’re working on. Let your inspiration board reflect your personality, reflect things you truly love and not those things you think other people want to see, and it will be a wonderful tool in the planning process. And if you’re not feeling especially inspired, stop by Snippet & Ink to see if anything strikes your fancy!

Images: 1. Inspiration Board 271 2. House & Garden via {this is glamorous} 3. Ngoc Minh Ngo 4. Inspiration Board 257 5. Inspiration Board 298