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Flutter Workshop: The Art of Arrangements

I was super honored to teach Flutter magazine’s first ever workshop, The Art of Arrangements with some of the most stunning seasonal fall flowers from Fabulous Florals (which PS sells to everyday floral enthusiasts not just florists). Joel Serrato came out and shot the fun on FILM and, of course, a little champs was involved. Le Petite Chef made a spread of bite-sized lady like treats including pumpkin whoopie pies (yum). I demostrated a basic taping technique, explained how to use foliage to create the initial shape of an arrangement, how to build and place flowers for maximum effect.  Then everyone got to work playing with flowers. I pulled a variety of china, flatware and glassware from Town & Country Event Rentals and then each student got to design their own little tabletop setup. For my setup, I went with a more modern vibe and used velvet midori ribbon as an accent. It was so much fun to meet so many awesome ladies and play with flowers! And stay tuned, I’ll be teaching another intimate workshop soon…

Photography: Joel Serrato

Flowers: Kelly Oshiro

Food: Le Petite Chef

Flowers provided by: Fabulous Florals

Rentals: Town & Country Event Rentals

Prop Rental: Vintage Vignettes

Ribbon: Midori


Flower Chic: Berry-licious Centerpiece Idea

I love mixing seasonal produce in floral arrangements, here blackberries on the branch add texture to this pink, purple and red arrangement.

I used a mix of clematis, hyacinth, ranunculus, anenomes, sweet pea, hellebore, and blackberries to create this wild and organic look. To re-create this look:

Start with a low bowl, using clear floral tape, tape a grid across the top of the bowl. Go around the rim of the bowl with another piece of tape to secure your grid to the bowl. Begin placing the berries to create your base shape. Follow up with placing: hyacinth, hellebore, sweet pea, anenome and clematis. You will need approximately a half bunch per flower type. Happy arranging!

Flowers for the general public can be purchased here at Fabulous Florals.

Flower Chic: Purple & Red Boutonniere

I love this simple and sweet boutonniere that matches the bouquet and doggy ring bearer ideas. To make a boutonniere, simply hold a ranunuclus, sweet pea, and clematis leaf between your fingers. Use stretchy green floral tape and wind it around the flowers. Cover with a length of ribbon and pin or hot glue to hold it in place.

Flowers can be purchased here at Fabulous Florals.

Photo: Jess Wilcox


5 Flower Alternatives to Roses for Valentine’s Day

With valentine’s day right around the corner, I thought it would be a good idea to give some alternative flower ideas to the tried and true (and super boring) red roses. Personally, I hate red roses (especially when paired with baby’s breathe, barf!) and of course all colors of roses get stupid expensive this time year.

So what are your alternatives? First up, one of my all time favorite flowers, hellebore. Its delicate and feminine and its totally in season. When you get them, put on a pot of water and bring to just under a boil. Snip your hellebore to the desired length and then dip into the hot water. This will give them a much longer vase life. And you can see how to recreate this arrangement right here.

Flowering branches are super pretty, their height is dramatic and they last a long time. If you go this route, find a pretty tall glass vase to display them in. Pull out a hammer (yes, a hammer) and smash the bottom of the stems. This allows for more water uptake. And, it takes a little while to get these guys to open, so plan on picking them up a week in advance.

Lilac with its multiple tiny blooms and fragance is a lovely alternative to red roses. Like with flower branches, lilacs have a woody stem and do well when their stems are smashed with a hammer. More tips for working with lilac can be found right here.

Of course, if you abhor the idea of the waste that is the very nature of cut flowers, how about a succulent in a pretty pot? They’re readily available at your local hardware store or nursery. Tuck in a little note in and wrap with rustic burlap for an easy DIY touch.

And if you’re special someone is a foodie/all natural type, how about a window box planted with their favorite herbs? It would certainly be a pretty (and tasty) present. You can see the full how to here. To purchase flowers go to Fabulous Florals.

Flower Chic: Making a Merry & Bright Floral Crown

I’m so excited to share this merry floral crown idea that is featured in the current issue of Flutter Magazine. You can check out the feature here and here’s how to re-create the look yourself.

First up, lets assemble the materials. You will need:

straight wire

floral wire

– pretty ribbon

floral tape

floral shears

– flowers, I’m using red dahlias, orange ranunuclus and dusty miller

Begin by making mini bunches of flowers and tie them together with floral tape.

Take the straight wire and cut to about 9″. Attach ribbon with a glue gun on either end so you can tie the floral headdress around your head.

Then, working in one direction, attach you flower bundles until you’ve completely covered the wire.

And ta da! You’re done, now you can sport flowers in your hair whenever you feel like. Enjoy! To purchase flowers go to Fabulous Florals.


Flower Chic: Green & Modern Wedding Bouquet

I love when brides carry a colorful bouquet on their wedding day, so this week I thought it would be fun to do one in my favorite color, green.

For this bouquet, I used viburnum, blueperum, bunny tail, poppy pods, and green trick dianthus. To make the bouquet, start with a mix of the main flowers, placing them at different levels. Once your bouquet is a nice shape, wrap the stems with floral tape. Then use either ribbon or a piece of linen (as I’ve done here) and use floral pins to hold it in place. You can add a criss-cross detail with jute or keep it simple and leave it as is. And to see all Flower Chic posts click right here.

Flower Chic: Clematis Bouquet

unique wedding bouquets

I’m a big fan of clematis and for this week’s flower chic, I’m using it to make a simple and wild bouquet. To make the bouquet, start with a base of mint and then layer the vines of clematis on top until you get a nice cascading shape. You will need 1 bunch of mint and 3 bunches of clematis, floral tape and floral shearers. Once you’ve gotten a shape you like, wrap the stems with floral tape and then finish it with ribbon (I used a copper velvet ribbon here). The fragrance of the mint plus these beautiful blooms make this one easy (and unforgettable) bouquet. And to see all Flower Chic posts click right here. Enjoy!

Flower Chic: Jewel Tone Centerpiece

I love a palette of rich jewels tones in flowers. Mix in some umbrella fern for a forest-y vibe, and you’ve got a colorful and fun centerpiece.

For this arrangement you will need:


-1 stem fritillaria

-5 stems fuschia peonies

-3 stems of umbrella fern

– 1 bunch red astilbe

– 8 stems purple anenomes

– 10 stems purple tulips

-10 stems lilac

-5 stems allium, purple sensation


-brick of floral foam, cut with a knife until it fits your container

-bucket of water

– floral shears

-container (mine is from Jamali Garden and is available here)

Begin by cutting your floral foam so that it fits your container (a craft knife works great for this). Soak your foam in water for several minutes until completely soaked through. Begin by putting a few pieces of umbrella fern at the base and the start placing your flowers, I generally start at the top to determine the highest point of the arrangement and then work down to the base from there. Keep turning your arrangement as you place flowers so you can make sure your arrangement looks good from all angles. And to see all Flower Chic posts click right here.

Flower Chic: White Muscari

I love, love muscari, and this variety in white is so feminine and delicate. Here, I styled them in my old pointe shoes…

Of course, they also look pretty good in an old golf trophy I picked up an antique store. I like the idea of a table design of different trophies filled with simple blooms, what do you think? And to see all Flower Chic posts click right here.

Flower Chic: Colorful Purple, Pink & Yellow Bouquet

So last week we made a headdress with the gorgeous clematis flower. This week I’m making a matching bouquet inspired by some fun plaid ribbon I found at a fabric store. You will need:


-2 bunches of light pink sweet pea

-1 bunch of liliac

-1 bunch hot pink ranunculus

-1 bunch cappuncino ranunuclus

-1 bunch geranium


-flower tape

– floral pick or wire

-ribbon (2 yards of each, mine are from Michael Levine)

-pearl headed pins

Begin by cleaning your flowers and taking off leaves. Trim you flowers and let them hydrate and open for a day. Use pruning shears to cut a trim the lilac and cut a slit in the bottom to allow for water uptake. Once your ready to arrange wire the ranunuclus as needed (the heads tend to be floppy and sometimes need additional support).

Start by gathering a handful of flowers, rotating as you add stems and place flowers at different heights for texture. Its helpful to use a mirror to ensure your bouquet looks good from all sides. Use floral tape to hold your bouquet together. Then over the tape, use your colorful ribbon and wind it around the bouquet. Finish by pinning the ribbon to the bouquet. Here, I added two additional trailing pieces of hand-died silk ribbon for additional color.

Cut your ribbon, and keep it long if you like that trailing look. Put on your clematis headdress and you’ve got a very colorful, and slightly bohemian, wedding day look. And to see all Flower Chic posts click right here.