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Prop Styling for Tabletop ProductsPhotos by Lane Dittoe for The Ark | photo: Lane Dittoe for The Ark | Tabletop Prop Stylist Los Angeles

Flat lay prop styling is one of my favorite genres of styling. So when my friend Kate asked me to style entertaining and lifestyle themed product shots for her fine tabletop rental company, The Ark, I was extra pumped.

Food props were my were my main focus for this shoot. When I pull food props  I look for rich color, interesting texture, and scale. In general, smaller more delicate items are easier to work that bigger items. When you’re trying to accent a product, it’s really important that the prop not draw attention away from the product. Some of my favorite props for this shoot were gorgeous purple/black beans, mini eggplants, and kale, all from my beloved Santa Barbara Farmer’s Market.

For floral accents, Kate wanted minimal, more everyday home, flowers. I pulled unique shapes like fern curls for her collection of moody black pieces and dainty scabiosa for her stunning marble plates. For backdrops, we used a mix of seamless, ceramic tiles, and these really cool suede boards I found at an art store. Lane Dittoe was on hand as our awesome product photographer and it was so much fun to work with him once again. And be sure to check out the rest of The Ark’s stunning inventory right here. | photo: Lane Dittoe for The Ark | Tabletop Prop Stylist Los Angeles | photo: Lane Dittoe for The Ark | Tabletop Prop Stylist Los | photo: Lane Dittoe for The Ark | Tabletop Prop Stylist Los Angeles | photo: Lane Dittoe for The Ark | Tabletop Prop Stylist Los | photo: Lane Dittoe for The Ark | Tabletop Prop Stylist Los | photo: Lane Dittoe for The Ark | Tabletop Prop Stylist Los Angeles | photo: Lane Dittoe for The Ark | Tabletop Prop Stylist Los | photo: Lane Dittoe for The Ark | Tabletop Prop Stylist Los Angeles | photo: Lane Dittoe for The Ark | Tabletop Prop Stylist Los | photo: Lane Dittoe for The Ark | Tabletop Prop Stylist Los Angeles

Flower Chic: Vibrant Fall Centerpiece Idea

I love fall and winter flowers and for this centerpiece I was inspired by bold red anenomes with their black centers.

Coupled with fall maple leaves, bittersweet, black dahlias and chocolate cosmos, I love the rich saturated colors paired with the darker, moodier flowers.

To make this arrangement you will need:


-floral shears

-floral foam

-container, I used this one from Jamali Garden


1 bunch maple leaves

1 bunch black dahlias

3 strands of bittersweet

1 bunch chocolate cosmos

2 bunches orange dahlia

2 bunches red anenomes

1 bunch frizzy orange/red tulips

1 bunch black scabiosa

Begin by placing the bittersweet and maple leaves first to establish shape. Then add in your larger blooms at different heights. Remember to turn your centerpiece periodically so you end up with a good shape from every angle. Layer your smaller flowers into the arrangement and ta da! You have a beautiful fall centerpiece!

Beribboned Doggy Ring Bearer Ideas

Last week, I featured a bouquet with a two-tone bow, and this week I’m showing how you can use this same idea and put it on your puppy head. Here’s Mira modeling her two-tone bow.

You can also tuck in some flowers. Simply take 3 flowers, use green stretchy floral tape and wrap the stems together (as if you’re making a boutonnière). Pin with a safety pin, attach under your bow, and you’ve got yourself an adorable ensemble for your doggy. More doggy ring bearer ideas right here:

Mira wearing bold ikat

Mira with a red, white and blue scarf

Mira with a lace bow

Flower Chic: Black Boutonnieres

I’m smitten with these black (well or pretty close to it) flowers! Black scabiosa is frilly and delicate, black dahlias are geometric, and chocolate cosmos are such a sweet, tiny flower. I love the idea of using these flowers for boutinerres for a moody winter wedding…

Seriously how stunning would a black dahlia against a white dinner jacket?

To make boutinerres is really, really, easy to do:

1. Begin with a flower and one piece of foliage (here, I’m using dusty miller).

2. Place the foliage behind the flower and hold between your two fingers.

3. Then grab a piece of stretchy green floral tape.

4. Stretch the tape as you wrap around the flower and the foliage, creating a little bouquet basically.

5. Then wrap the boutinerres with whatever ribbon you like. You can either glue the end of the ribbon to the back of the bout or you can pin it (depends on the size of the flower).

6. Stick in two pearl headed pins so you have those ready to go once your ready to pin it to your groom.

If you’re making this the night ahead, leave the flower stems long and place in water. Then when your ready to use, simply trim the stems and you’re good to go. Happy flower arranging!

Flower Chic: Fall Wedding Ceremony Ideas

I love a good fall wedding, and for this week’s Flower Chic I thought it be fun to dress up a traditional lattice structure for a fall wedding. I used a palette of orange with touch of black, via some insane black dahlias, chocolate cosmos, and black scabiosa all from Florabundance.

To make the arrangement, I started by wiring maple branches to the trellis to create a nice base shape. Then I wired a piece of caged floral foam to the left side of the arbor. Then I layered in bittersweet and orange berry branches. I placed my 3 types of dahlias, poppies, tulips, and then onto to the smaller flowers, the scabiosa and cosmo into the floral foam.

Finally, I tucked in pieces of pumpkin branches for texture.

To recreate this arrangement you will need:


– caged floral foam, soak in water

– green floral wire


– 3 bunches of orange dahlia

– 2 bunches of red dahlias

– 1 bunch of black dahlias

– 1 bunch of black cosmos

– 1 bunch of black scabiosa

– 3 bunches of maple leaf

– 3 bunches of bittersweet

– 2 bunches of orange berries

Happy arranging!

Puppy Chic with Bold Ikat

Continuing my obsession with ikat and my puppy, Mira, I thought it would be fun to put her in a big ikat bow. She looks so good in color, don’t you think?

Here’s Mira “being a lady” (I taught her to cross her paws on command) and showing off the finest doggy ring bearer couture. Would you have your puppy rock this look?

Magical Greenhouse Engagement Session

I love an engagement session that is all about gorgeous light, location, and of course, the couple. And this one, shot in an old greenhouse by Nancy Neil is seriously magical.

I’m super in love with her long black dress and his suspenders.

Seriously, how cute are they?

And of course the greenhouse itself is pretty amazing… So where do you plan on shooting your own engagement session?

Bridal Style: An Adorable Scalloped Neckline

I love a wedding dress with a unique neckline, and this dress designed by Melissa Blackburn, in collaboration with MacKenzie, the bride, has seriously the most gorgeous scalloped neckline detail. Paired with a full skirt and the most amazing Kate Spade shoes, this bridal style is one I’m most certainly for!

MacKenzie says, “I was inspired by natural beauty and colors. I wanted my wedding to be timeless and I also did not want to take away from the natural beauty and style of the St. Regis Hotel in Park City where I had my cocktail party, dinner, and dancing. I wanted my look to only be enhanced by makeup. I wore soft pink colors and I had a dewy look. I wanted to feel feminine and elegant.” Thank you so much for sharing your adorable style MacKenzie and Leo Patrone for the absolutely stunning photos.

Bridal Style: French Glamour

I think most women I know are obsessed to some degree with the glamour of the French. And this real Santa Barbara bride from French Canada has that certain jen ne sais quoi in spades. I love the pearl accents and the black bow makes this dress ever so chic.

Throw in a classic car, a doggie in a bow tie (!) and a beautiful white bouquet and you’ve got one elegant and timeless look. Would you go with a French vibe for your wedding day?