My New Year’s Eve + Resolutions (finally)

I spent New Year’s Eve with a few close friends. We dressed up for the hell of it, drank whiskey out of decanters (left over wedding decor), Mira wore a sparkly necklace,  and we listened to lots of Kendrick Lamar. At midnight, we went outside and lit sparklers provided by Joy (left over from a wedding of her’s, we designers like to recycle). It was pretty much perfect.

I put off making resolutions because I wanted to marinate some ideas for a while and see what felt right. So here they are, in no particular order:

-Yoga, yoga, yoga. I’ve been going for almost a year to yoga soup (Jenni’s class) and I really want to master hand stand (I’m close) and scissors (a fancy pants arm balance)

-Ballet. I took classes on and off since I was 4 on and off but I haven’t been in well, more than a year. Time to dust off my tights and get going.

-Make pretty pictures + get crafty up in here. This is on going and last year I took the leap and started producing content for the blog. This year, I’m hoping to add video and more crafty goodness. Because, while I don’t blog about it often, I do a lot of craft projects for weddings and its high time I shared some of my tricks.

-Learn to stop judging my own self worth by the numbers… You see as a blogger, you hang your hat on page views, google rankings, twitter followers, facebook likes, pinterest followers etc etc. Its a very slippery slope when you can easily compare your numbers to the countless other bloggers out there. Its depressing and unhealthy and I need to stop it already.

-Break up with my phone. I’m making an effort to leave my phone at home when I go out to see friends or on errands. There’s no reason I need to check my email right-this-second, see how many re-pins I got, blah blah blah. Its not healthy for me mentally to always be linked in to work and I would much rather talk to someone, like in person, then email/tweet/facebook them. You know, actually socialize with people, not a monitor.

-Throw a party. A big one. Perhaps with some crafty or a flower arranging slant. Or maybe just drink wine and enjoy an al fresco dinner. I’m still undecided on this, I just think it would be fun to meet YOU and make some pretty things…

What are your resolutions? And what would you like to see more over here on the bloggity?

Photos: Top sparkler photo by Joy, all other’s via my Instagram (@kellyoshiro)


  • finally my resolutions, one of them includes less social media & more socializing. Like in person, who's with me?

  • Awesome! And a party?! I'm in ;) A few of my resolutions include, journaling, meditating, and exercising 4x a week, it all about making lifestyle changes :)

  • hi kelly! i'm local s.b., too. hope to meet you sometime.... i started a blog only two months ago and i remembered how you once wrote about your blog traffic angst. i'm just a wee seedling but that post stayed with me and i'll try to heed your resolution along the way... btw i do ballet on+off, too. was hitting gustafson pretty regularly for a while, and an occasional carillo -- haven't been in way long but maybe will see ya there sometime!

  • leslie said:

    Happy New Year! Love your very inspiring!