On the Rocks: Mango Mumbo

It is Friday at last! This spicy concoction is incredible tasty and is sure to have your taste buds dancing this weekend. Enjoy!

Add one spoonful of pureed mango to a glass and a small splash of habanero simple syrup (directions below). Add 1 ½ shots of your favorite tequila and a heavy splash of homemade habanero sweet n’ sour (directions below). Then add a small splash of soda water–to balance the sweetness from the sour and simple syrup. Shake well and serve on the rocks with 3-4 habanero slices.

Cocktail Recipe: 

-1 Tbsp pureed mango

-1 1/2 shots tequila

-Small splash habanero simple syrup

-Heavy splash sweet and sour

-Splash soda water

Habanero Simple Syrup:

Bring equal parts sugar and water to a boil until sugar is completely dissolved. Add a few slices of raw habanero and let sit for 10 min. Remove pepper slices and refrigerate until use.

Homemade Sweet & Sour:

Add equal parts simple syrup and lemon together juice and refrigerate. And to see even more On the Rocks cocktail ideas they’re right here

-XOXO Melissa