On the Rocks: Melon Mojito

It’s officially summer and you know what that means….MOJITOS! Mojitos are so delightfully refreshing and are always a crowd pleaser. Don’t like rum? Switch it up with some tequila or vodka instead! You simply can’t go wrong with these basic ingredients…

Add a small spoon-full of raw sugar into a flat-surfaced glass. Add 5-7 rinsed mint leaves and a lime wedge. Cut a melon into small cubes and add around 5 pieces—in this case, I used cantaloupe. Muddle together and make sure to extract oils from lime rind. Be sure not to over-muddle—just enough to get all of that tasty mint flavor and to slightly smash the melon cubes. Add 1 shot of clear rum, and ½ shot of coconut rum. Add ice and fill with club soda. Shake well and serve on the rocks.

Here’s the detailed recipe:

~1 ½ shot of clear rum

~1/2 shot of coconut rum

~Lime wedge

~Spoonful of raw sugar

~Fresh Mint

~Cubed cantaloupe

~Club soda


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