On the Rocks: Raspberry Cosmopolitan

Cosmopolitans are the pinnacle of girly cocktails. While Sex in the City made them famous, I’m always looking for new and inventive ways to put a spin on this popular martini. While this recipe isn’t much different than a classic cosmo, the tartness from the fresh raspberries adds a delightful freshness to this lady-libation. Enjoy!

Squeeze a lime wedge into a glass and add the rind. Add 4-6 fresh raspberries and muddle in a glass with the lime wedge (make sure to extract oils from the lime rind). Add 1 ½ shots of citrus vodka, ½ a shot of Triple Sec, and a small splash of cranberry juice. Give a good shake with ice, strain and garnish with another lime wedge.


1 ½ shots of citrus vodka

½ shot of Triple Sec

4-6 fresh strawberries

2 lime wedges

Small splash of cranberry juice


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