Flower Chic: Herb Centerpiece

Flowers aren’t the only option for centerpieces, and this week I’m exploring the very wide world of potted centerpieces. Today, I’m using a collection of herbs. They have a casual, yet homey feel to them.

For the container, I used a cedar flower box (available at your local hardware store). I used about 6 different herbs in the arrangement. To start, water the herbs and pull them out of their plastic containers (the wet dirt makes it easier to get them out). Place a bit of potting soil in the window box to build up the height of the arrangement (I found about 1/3 the total height of the planter box). When placing in your herbs, be sure to push down to make sure there is no air under your herbs (this will cause mold to grow).

To fill in the gaps between the herbs and cover the dirt, I tucked in loose lavender to add even more fragrance to the arrangement.

The upside to the centerpiece? It’s green (quite literally), your guests can take home your arrangements and replant them in their garden. And for the DIY bride, these would be easy to do ahead of time. And of course, dogs love this idea too (just ask Mira!). Happy planting! And to see all Flower Chic posts click right here.