On the Rocks: Salted Melon Margarita

I think a good ol’ margarita is the perfect way to wrap up this busy week. This particular marg is incredibly easy and tastes much fancier than it actually is. Pair with some homemade guacamole and you’ve got yourself the perfect little fiesta at home. Enjoy!

how to make a margarita

Cut watermelon and cantaloupe into small cubes and add to a glass with a lime wedge. Muddle and make sure to extract oils from the lime rind. Add tequila and a small splash of Amaretto almond liquor (I prefer this over triple sec, but either works). Add a heavy splash of homemade sweet n’ sour (ingredients below), ice, and give it a good shake.

Serve on the rocks with a salted rim and lime wedge. Ole!


Cubed watermelon

Cubed cantaloupe

Lime wedge

1 ½ shots of Tequila (silver or gold)

½ shot of Amaretto almond liquor

Heavy splash of homemade sweet n’ sour

Kosher salt

Homemade Sweet n’ Sour Ingredients:

Equal parts simple syrup and lemon juice

*Add ingredients together and refrigerate


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