On the Rocks: Pear Potion

TGIF! I’m making a game plan because I’m driving down to my beloved hometown (Long Beach) this weekend to celebrate Mother’s Day and my mom’s birthday-don’t worry Mom, I won’t mention what birthday it is…but it is definitely cause for celebration J

St. Germain has become my all-time favorite ingredient to add to cocktails. This elderflower liquor is powerfully delicious in taste and I simply adore its beautiful bottle… You can pretty much add it to anything for a punch of delectable flavor. For this weekend, we will definitely be drinking our fair share of champagne and since this recipe is such a crowd-pleaser, I think it will be what I’ll be mixing up for the fam. Enjoy!


Small splash of St. Germain (a little bit goes a long way)

Splash of pear juice

Fill with chilled Champagne (I prefer Prosecco)




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