Flower Chic: Colorful Purple, Pink & Yellow Bouquet

So last week we made a headdress with the gorgeous clematis flower. This week I’m making a matching bouquet inspired by some fun plaid ribbon I found at a fabric store. You will need:


-2 bunches of light pink sweet pea

-1 bunch of liliac

-1 bunch hot pink ranunculus

-1 bunch cappuncino ranunuclus

-1 bunch geranium


-flower tape

– floral pick or wire

-ribbon (2 yards of each, mine are from Michael Levine)

-pearl headed pins

Begin by cleaning your flowers and taking off leaves. Trim you flowers and let them hydrate and open for a day. Use pruning shears to cut a trim the lilac and cut a slit in the bottom to allow for water uptake. Once your ready to arrange wire the ranunuclus as needed (the heads tend to be floppy and sometimes need additional support).

Start by gathering a handful of flowers, rotating as you add stems and place flowers at different heights for texture. Its helpful to use a mirror to ensure your bouquet looks good from all sides. Use floral tape to hold your bouquet together. Then over the tape, use your colorful ribbon and wind it around the bouquet. Finish by pinning the ribbon to the bouquet. Here, I added two additional trailing pieces of hand-died silk ribbon for additional color.

Cut your ribbon, and keep it long if you like that trailing look. Put on your clematis headdress and you’ve got a very colorful, and slightly bohemian, wedding day look. And to see all Flower Chic posts click right here.