On the Rocks: Blackberry Basil Crush

Happy Friday! Today I have a special concoction for you that you can experiment with to make it all your own. Basil is one of my all-time favorite ingredients in a cocktail because it is so aromatic and offers a complexity to an otherwise basic fresh-fruit alcoholic beverage. I’ve made this cocktail at home with vodka, and rum but I can pretty much guarantee that the gin and tequila fans can substitute with their favorite liquor and it would be delicious as well. With such basic ingredients, the options are endless… Start experimenting with your cocktails!

Cut a lime and add a wedge to a pint glass or martini shaker. Add 3-5 rinsed basil leaves to glass, depending on size (careful not to add too much…you want a nice subtle basil flavor). Add 4-5 rinsed black berries to glass (this is an opportunity to experiment if another type of berry is more readily available—raspberries, blueberries, etc.).

Agave Nectar is a great ingredient for cocktails to add a bit of natural sweetness. I prefer this particular drink not to be too sweet so I only add a small amount, but you can add it to taste. Muddle all ingredients in glass and make sure to extract the oils from the lime rind. Now it’s time for you to add ice and 1 ½ shots of your favorite alcohol. For this cocktail, I used vodka, but I experimented with rum recently and I couldn’t decide which I liked better. I feel like tequila would be excellent and for all of you gin fans out there…I’m sure it would be great as well. Also add a splash of soda water.

In a pretty glass, add ice And strain. I prefer this cocktail strained because I’m not a fan of blackberry seeds getting stuck in my teeth. Garnish with a whole blackberry and basil leaf.

Here’s the complete ingredient’s list:

1.5 shots of vodka (or your favorite booze)

4-5 blackberries

2-3 basil leaves

splash of soda

splash of agave nectar

Voila, enjoy!



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  • Yes please! Yum! RT @kellyoshiro: its cocktail hour, how about a blackberry basil crush? http://t.co/nH9DS7z0

  • katy said:

    can i ask where you found this glass or what i can search for when looking? i am dying to put glasses like this on my registry but can't find them anywhere - thanks in advance!!

  • Kelly said:

    The glass is actually a bud vase from cost plus, the closest cocktail glass would be a collins glass...

  • Mike said:

    The size of the glass you are filling (how many ounces it holds) is important. A historically sized Collins glass is like a pint glass. It holds 16oz w/o ice. Filled with ice, it displaces and holds about 8oz (about half a pint). I love the flavors in your recipe, but with the total amount of liquid you have here, I would put this in a bucket glass (12oz, 5 oz w/ice) as is. To stretch it into a Collins glass, I would add some 1-2oz fresh sour mix/lemonade and/or more booze (2oz), otherwise it's all going to be all soda water and drown out your fun flavors. Of course, taste is subjective, so do whatever works for you.

    Fun link for two Collins recipes:



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