On the Rocks: Chilled Cherry Limeade

Happy Friday SB Chic readers! The sun is finally shining so I’m excited to be able to sit outside this afternoon with a cocktail and the beau. I think I’ll be making this tasty treat that seems to always hit the spot when I’m craving something on the sweeter side.

Cut a lime in half and squeeze the juice of the entire lime into a glass, leaving aside one small wedge.

Add the lime wedge, a tiny pinch of sugar, 2-3 maraschino, and a heavy splash of the maraschino cherry juice in a glass/martini shaker.

Muddle together and make sure to extract the oils from the lime rind.

Add 1 ½ shots of your favorite vodka (or gin) and a heavy splash of tonic water. Give a good shake, and serve on the rocks and garnish with a lime and cherry.



-3 maraschino cherries

-pinch sugar

-maraschino juice

– 1 ½ vodka or gin

-splash of tonic water



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