On the Rocks: Surprisingly Skinny Margarita

Have you ever had a “skinny” version of a margarita and thought to yourself….this is pretty good, but it would be better with if it were stronger and sweeter (aka the antithesis of “skinny”). Well this skinny recipe is unlike any other and is sure to blow your minds. Raw Stevia (a natural sugar replacement) has become my new favorite cheat ingredient to make all of my favorite high-calorie drinks for less than half of the calories. I can guarantee that if you don’t tell people that it’s a “skinny” margarita, they will never know!

Poor some kosher salt on a flat surface and rub a lime wedge around a pretty glass.

Place the glass face down in the salt and coat the edges, set aside.

Squeeze lime wedge into glass and add 1 ½ shots of tequila.

Now for the secret ingredient….we all know what makes a margarita so delectable is the sweet n’ sour- which is extremely high in calories (basically it is a very high concentrated lemonade). I’m very adamant on making my own sweet n’ sour rather than store bought because it takes less than 5 minutes and makes a huge difference. For my “skinny” sweet n’ sour, the only difference is that I’m replacing the sugar with raw Stevia.

Skinny Sweet n’ Sour Ingredients:

Sweet:  To make skinny simple syrup,  bring 1 cup of water with 1 cup of stevia to a boil and let the sugar dissolve. Make sure that if you’re using Splenda, Truvia, or any other sugar replacement that it is raw and says that the measurements are the same ratio to regular sugar- this is very important.

Sour: 1 cup Lemon juice (fresh or from the bottle)

Mix equal parts skinny simple syrup and lemon juice and refrigerate for an hour (this recipe will make enough sweet and sour for one pitcher of margaritas).

Add a heavy splash of skinny sweet n’ sour and a small splash of soda to the tequila (I skip the triple sec for caloric reasons). Give a good shake and serve on the rocks with a lime.




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