On the Rocks: White Russian

One of the best things about a rainy day is sitting inside next to a fire with a cocktail—let’s be real, who needs a rainy day for that….but work with me here!

Kahlua is one of my favorite cold-weather liquors because it can be enjoyed warm or cold and it is a little something different from what I usually concoct. For this cozy cocktail, I chose a classic…and while I’m usually one to take a classic drink and give it an added twist, I personally think a simple White Russian is delicious without the bells and whistles. Enjoy!


~1 shot of vodka

~1 shot of Kahlua

~Heavy splash of half & half



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  • Megan Gonyo said:

    That shot glass is totes adorbs!!! Will you please disclose from where they can be obtained?