On the Rocks: White Sangria

Is it just me, or does this upcoming wedding season look like it’s going to be a busy one?! While all of you wedding mavens out there are winding down for the weekend, make a big pitcher of this sangria to enjoy with friends. It’s absolutely delicious and a definite crowd pleaser.


~1 bottle of white wine (for this I used Chardonnay)

~2 Fresh tangerines, juiced and sliced (any other form of citrus will do)

~1 can of diced pineapples in juice

-ruby red grapefruit juice

~Fresh fruit (in this case I used cherries and tangerines)



*It’s very hard to give exact measurements for a sangria recipe because I am constantly tasting it as I go, adding a lil’ something here and there (you really CANNOT mess it up). Above is the gist of what goes into my sangria with minor alterations depending on what is in season. Add all ingredients together in a big pitcher and keep tasting it throughout the mixing process. Note: do NOT skip the brandy…it will bring your sangria to another level. After mixing all ingredients, let sit for at least an hour in the fridge to marinate. Happy mixing!

-XOXO Melissa

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