On The Rocks: Tangelo Tonic


I love what citrus fruit does to a cocktail…it makes it fresh and has just the right acidity to take away some of the alcohol kick. I decided to use tangelos which were in season at the time, but the most exciting and delicious part is the homemade candied tangelo rind for garnish.


   ~1 1/2 shots of top shelf gin (or vodka)

~1/2 of a tangelo rind

~Juice from half  of a tangelo

~Juice from half of a lime


~Candied Tangelo rind for garnish (directions below)

*Tear tangelo rind into semi-small pieces and muddle in glass to extract the natural oils in the rind, add gin/vodka, tangelo juice, lime juice, and fill with tonic. Served on the rocks.

Candied Tangelo Rind Garnish


~1 cup of simple syrup

~1/2-1 inch strips of peeled tangelo rind

~Around a cup of cane sugar on plate

*Bring simple syrup to a boil, drop tangelo rind in pot, cover, and take off heat. Let sit covered for an hour or so. Remove rinds and roll around in sugar while still wet. Let them sit out to dry over night. After they are dried, roll around in sugar a second time. Vwala!

-XOXO Melissa

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