On the Rocks: Watermelon Marg-Tini


This cocktail is for all of you tequila drinkers who feel left out when all of your girlfriends are sipping on their fancy vodka martinis. Kelly was my inspiration for this drink because she does not like vodka or gin and I wanted to make her a yummy martini. I’ve never understood why no martini recipes out there ever contain tequila, when it tastes so delicious! This concoction is definitely one of my absolute favorites because it’s so different. Try it and tell us what you think….


   ~ 2 shots of top-shelf silver tequila

   ~Small splash of triple sec

~Heavy splash of watermelon sweet n’ sour (directions below)

~Lime wedge squeeze

~Splash of sprite

*Add all ingredients over ice and give a good shake, strain, and serve! I like a salted rim but you could always do a sugar rim if you like it sweet.

Homemade watermelon sweet n’ sour


~1 cup simple syrup (plain)

~1 cup of bottled lemon juice

~1/2 of a regular sized seedless watermelon pureed

*Add ingredients together and refrigerate

-XOXO Melissa

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