On The Rocks: Strawberry-Rose Daiquiri


Mmm…I love a good Daiquiri. They’re so tasty and they scream summer time. Personally, I’m not a fan of blended cocktails (I think it makes them taste watered down) so this daiquiri is untraditional as it in not blended (it could be if you wanted to). Go out there and get yourself a fun, tropical-looking glass and make this yummy treat at home.


~1 1/2 shots of rosemary-infused Bacardi Superior Rum (let sit overnight in air-tight container and strain)

~Handful of sliced fresh strawberries

~Lime wedge

~Small splash of soda

~Homemade sweet n’ sour (directions below)

*Muddle in glass lime wedge (to extract oils from rind) and strawberries–another option is to puree them in the blender before hand. Add infused rum, soda, and sweet n’ sour. Give a good shake and serve on the rocks (or blended if preferred)

Homemade sweet n’ sour


~Equal parts simple syrup and lemon juice

*Add ingredients together and refrigerate

-XOXO Melissa

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