On the Rocks: Thyme for Gin!


This spin off a basic gin and tonic is truly delightful with the subtle addition of thyme. While this cocktail doesn’t discriminate, men particularly love it in my own personal experience. You can pretty much substitute any herb and it’s still scrumptious. Cheers!


» 1 1/2 shots of top shelf gin (could substitute with vodka)

» Splash of thyme-infused simple syrup (directions below)

» Small splash of triple sec

» Juice from 1/2 lime

» Fill with with soda

*Add all ingredients and serve on the rocks. Note: you can use tonic instead of soda but with the added simple syrup, it will be much sweeter


» Equal parts boiling water and sugar

» Fresh thyme

*Add sugar to boiling water. After dissolved, place fresh thyme (stems and all) in simple syrup and let sit overnight. Strain before using.

-XOXO Melissa

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