Inspiration Board #46: Pink & Green, and fun all over


I love a wedding that doesn’t take itself too seriously and leaves plenty of room for fun and whimsy. The mood for this board was inspired by the lady in the bottom row (photo by Anna Kern).  I love the gingham ribbon in her hair! I picture this wedding with lots of fun (and cheap ideas) using old food tins to hold centerpieces, little vignettes of ribbon and thread for the guest book tables, and of course, one pair of flirtatious pink heels.

Description: Pink, Green,  fun, whimsy, not pretentious

Images from top, left to right: {Row 1} 1. Jose Villa 2. Kate Headley 3. Trine Thorsen 4. Nato Welton {Row 2} 1. Anna Skoog 2. Kate French 3. Dasha Wright 4. Alexandra Grablewski {Row 3} 1. Joanna Henderson 2. Kristi Blunt 3. Anna Kern