I’m Going to Spain!


Tomorrow morning I’m jumping on a plane and going to Spain for my two year wedding anniversary.


I’m doing laundry and…


I’m packing my party dresses and my appetite.


I’ll be there through mid-April and then I’m onto the fabulous B-List in Washington DC. I’ll be checking email pretty regularly, but you can always email Ms. Cynthia if you need something right away. Blog posts will be light while I’m away, but there will be plenty of pretty photos when I return.

Images: 1. Jane Roarty 2. Chris Everard 3. Corrie Bond 4. Emily McGregor

  • wow! awesome!! congrats on your wedding anniversary and what a fun way to celebrate!!

  • Jalamamamma said:

    please return with lots of food tales and photos. wishing you the best time! don't worry about your dogs!!!!