Inspiration Board #40: Glamorous, Pink & Mint Wedding


Happy 2010 everyone! To kick things off, I though a suitably glamorous board would do the trick. For inspiration I used this lovely vignette above. Its so glamorous, chic and the feather caplet is so amazing, I just had to do an inspiration board based on it. I picture this wedding taking place at an elegant and historic venue. The color palette would have touches of mint, pink and metallic would pop against a creamy white.The bride would be uber fashion conscious with a couture gown and the groom would wear tails. Guests, would be served champagne cocktails and sport fabulous hats and gloves.


Description: Glamorous, elegant, mint, pink, white

Images from left to right, top to bottom: {Row 1} 1. Leo Patrone 2. Jo Tyler 3. Gemma Comas {Row 2} 1. Polly Wreford 2. Yunhee Kim 3. Kelli Jo’s Flikr 4. Lisa Lefkowitz {Row 3} 1. Lisa Warninger 2. Jim Franco 3. via {a glamourous little side project} photo by Carl Bengtsson