Mary & Josh: Signage


Since this wedding featured food stations, it was important to make the typical dinner menu sign tie into the decor and feature paisley once again. I took foam core and cut it to the right size for the menus. Then I wrapped the paisley fabric around the foamcore like a present and hot glued the fabric closed.


From there, I printed the menus and other signage using the fonts that were featured on their invitations.


The wedding took place at the father of the bride’s estate, but the ceremony was held next door on their neighbor’s lawn. To get from the ceremony area to the reception guests would have to walk through the bride’s dad’s jungle ravine to get to the reception. We provided flip flops for the ladies so it would be a more comfortable to walk to the reception.


Since the jungle ravine area was landscaped with many different paths, the florist and I decided that a trail of flower petals would be the best way to lead guests up the reception. I used the couple’s monogram and the same font from their invitation (by cevd) on a large poster board that would be placed on the bridge that lead into the ravine and invited guests “to follow the petals to the party.”

  • Max said:

    Kelly this is the best yet!

  • Tracy said:

    Where did you order the fabric and what is it called? Fantastic use of the paisley.