Fashion Wedding


I’m so excited to share with you the fashion from Wendy’s wedding! Take it away Wendy:

The ceremony was inspired by a short film in Akira Kurasawa’s “Dreams”; the fox wedding.  –Have you seen this?  The music played was Michael Nyman’s “String Quartet No.2: 3.III”, which is more unusual but beautiful; when it started, the bridesmaids and I started the long walk from behind the hill top to the top of the aisle.


The girls were instructed to keep their parasols down over their faces, and to walk tightly in pairs of 2 (except for my sister in the lead).  Guests had no idea I was in the back of this long, colorful train.


One by one, they peeled off down the aisle (folding up their parasol and trading it with my dad for their appropriate bouquet), and then stood along the side of the chairs instead of in the front front. The flower girls tossed pink carnation petals, which I liked because they kind of remind me of peach blossoms (again, an inspiration from Kurasawa’s “Dreams”).


When it was finally my turn, I kept my triangular-shaped white parasol over my face until the right moment in the music and, like the others, closed it and took my bouquet from my dad and walked down the aisle with him.


Thank you for sharing Wendy!


Makeup: Makeup by Tilly

Hair: Ashleigh Wests at 19 Blue Salon

Bride’s dress & shoes: Giusepe Papini

Bridesmaids dresses: Alvina Valenta

Parasols: Luna Bazaar

Personal Training: Casey Pfeifer for Innate Wellness Center (highly, highly recommended by Wendy)