Inspiration Board #30: Gold & Aqua

This board’s inspiration was two-fold, but both images came from one of my favorite blogs, {this is glamorous}. I loved the photo of aqua glass which is just so delicate and pretty. Likewise, the still life of the gold shoes and accessories is just so perfectly glamorous. I picture this wedding having a delicate, timeless feeling throughout the event design.


Description: Shades of aqua, gold, traditional elements, glamorous

Images from left to right, top to bottom: {Row 1} 1. Miki Duisterhof 2. Tim Walker 3. Miki Duisterhof 4. Leo Patrone {Row 2} 1. Jim Franco 2. via Martha Stewart 3. via {this is glamorous} 4. Delesie {Row 3} 1. via {this is glamorous} 2. Helen Norman 3. Jim Franco