Real Ojai Wedding- Part Two


This is the 56′ long table. Since we had only three long tables, we selected three colors of silk to denote the different tables instead of doing a table name. This table was setup on the home’s bocce ball court.


The table setup was very dramatic. I love the 1942 chairs we used from Town & Country Event Rentals.


My favorite table, though, was the purple table. It was 80′ long and featured one custom linen that fit the whole table.


The finished succulent place card.


The blackboard seating chart.


The cluster of Chinese lanterns above the dance floor.


The stunning dance floor/pool cover was so romantic for first dance.

All photos by Harper Smith Photography.

  • Lovely. Just love that chalkboard seating chart. So clever!

  • Beautiful wedding - great shots, love the lanterns and setting

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  • raymonde etienne said:


    quick question how many chairs per tables? love the idea, will have about 70 in attendance, not sure of how to seat all in one table....if that is possible.

    • Kelly said:

      Hi Raymonde,

      You'd need a 70' long table, with 35 guests on each side (figure 2 feet per guest). So about 9 8' long tables. I would also use a wider table, either 40" or 48"