Inspiration Board #16: Aqua, Pink, & a dash of Yellow

I’m been very much in need of color lately, and I when I found this colorful star burst photo (second row, center) by Karen Wise, I just had to do an inspiration board based on it. I picture all the bridesmaids wearing whichever color they prefer in that palette, deep pink peonies, and lots of sweets.

aqua pink wedding santa barbara

Description: Shades of Pink, Aqua, candy, peonies, colorful

Images from left to right, top to bottom: {Row 1} 1. Trine Horsen 2. Gentl & Hyers 3. Kelli Jo Flikr 4. Amy Atlas photo by Gemma Comas {Row 2} 1. Kate French 2. Karen Wise 3. Gertrude & Mabel {Row 3} 1. Leo Patrone 2. Gemma Comas 3. Adrienne Page