Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Image: Rebekah Westover

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  • chelsea said:

    Oh goodness! Thank you so much. I am honored to be on the list especially since I've been slacking on the wedding posts lately. Thanks, Kelly! I love those st patty's shoes too!

  • 123 said:

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  • Shari said:

    Where are those green heels from!? I love them and I cant find them anywhere!
    Thanks :)

  • iona said:

    I am looking for green shoes just like them... where are they from? My bridesmaids are wearing that colour dress, but I've got other shoes for them. I'd like to wear that colour shoe with my ivory dress. UK wedding in August - Please help! x

  • Sarah said:

    Hi! I have been looking around for green shoes. I am getting married next year and those green shoes are just the colour that I am looking for. Where can I get them?

  • Kelly said:

    The shoes were BP from Nordstrom and are no longer available!