Real Wedding: Beach Inspired

I’m so excited, Katie Moos just sent me photos from a wedding I planned and did event design for, and now I can share them with you!

First up, the lovely couple have been together for 22 years, and with the recent ruling legalizing gay marriage in California it was full steam ahead for these two. With only six weeks to plan we had to pull together our team of vendors, the time line, and the event design very, very fast.

The knew that they wanted a beach themed wedding and they knew that they wanted dark and light pink, so I ran with it. They also wanted to make sure that the children (all 18 of them) would be entertained and so we brought in a bounce house. I added pink and white beach balls for them to play with and put them in pink bins with a sign saying “Have a ball!”

For this wedding, since our time frame was so short I made the centerpieces using what was suppose to be for the bottom of a plant container. They were made of plastic and cost a whopping $4 each. I hot glued sea shells onto the rim and filled them with white rocks, pink beach glass, pink cymbidium orchids, tons of sea shells, and oh yes, starfish.

I also tucked in pink LED lights underneath the seashells so at night, the centerpieces glowed.

For the ceremony, they didn’t want a traditional aisle and processional. Instead, they walked towards each other to the center where the officiant married them. I decorated the aisle with sea shell wreaths hung from shepherd’s hooks.

For favors, Janice found these cute little cookie cutters.

For the seating cards, I took plain white cards from Staples and stamped starfish on to each one. Table names were “starfish,” “sea glass,” “coral,” and the like.  I opted to lay them flat and put a white stone on each (it got a little windy).

Along the seating card table and guest book table I placed a row of vases with submerged orchids and beach glass. The vista behind the table was gorgeous.

There were a few choreographed surprises at the wedding; Cindy bought wedding bands from Tiffany’s (they already had diamond commitment rings) and surprised Janice with them during the ceremony.

Best of all, a close friend of theirs, Michael, composed and sang a song to the happy couple. To pull off the surprise, Cindy went to LA “on business” to help with the song lyrics and Michael and I talked about the logistics of his set-up and timing. We did a sound check while they were off taking pictures and we were good to go (big thank you to Bella Vista for letting me borrow their guitar amp!!!) Right after the first dance, Janice looked at me confused and asked what was next (she thought we were suppose to cut the cake). Cindy winked at me and Michael started his performance.

All and all, it was a lovely wedding and I think everyone had a good time… including the DJs, Scott Topper & Conner.

Special thanks to all the vendors:

Location: Elings Park, Singleton Pavilion

Photographer: Katie Moos Photography

Officiant: Terri Cooper

Cake: Christine Dahl Pastries

DJ: Scott Topper Productions

Lighting & Power Distribution: Bella Vista Designs

Catering: Grill Classic Catering

Rentals: Ventura Rental

Bounce House: Luna Jumps

  • Wendy said:

    What a sweet and elegant wedding!

  • Andrea said:

    Grandma Lulu's cookies are also awesome for a beach themed wedding- Sand Dollars