Because I think everyone needs a regular shoe fix, every Tuesday will be Shoesday here at Santa Barbara Wedding Chic. This week our photo comes from Ryan Phillips Photography. How fabulous are these sparkly pink shoes?

  • Tracy said:

    Hi Kelly,
    I am getting married in December and I LOVE those pink shoes. Do you happen to know the designer? I can't read the name off the shoes from the picture. If you know and wouldn't mind emailing me the information I would be SO appreciative. They are SO cute!

  • Heather said:

    Hello-I am getting married next July and I need to have those pink shoes! Can you please tell me the designer so that I can find them! Please email the designer to me-Thanks

  • Sue said:

    Hi, these shoes are GORGEOUS!!
    Can you let me know how I can purchase them? I can't find them anywhere on the net.

    Much appreciated!

  • Lisa said:

    These shoes are stunning!! I'm getting married in a year and I'm wearing pink shoes. Who is the designer of these shoes and where can I purchase them online. Please email me the info if you know. Thanks a bunch

  • Brittney said:

    OMG!! Has anyone found these shoes yet?????????? I want them but I can't find them!!!

  • Sofia said:

    Hi! the shoes are really great and after one day of reserch on the intenet i find the model but that the only good new because it´s a model by Christian Louboutin (tamiflu crepe nude) from 2007 and i didn´t find any site that sell it! If anyone find it, please say, thank you